An interesting learning opportunity from Gigaom in their webinar, “Combining Data Technologies to Create Knowledge Lakes, scheduled for July 10, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. (CDT).

The number of innovative products and technologies in the analytics world is massive and continues to grow. Unfortunately, so is the effort and expertise required to use them together effectively.

There is core analytics, machine learning, graph and even search technology. Each one is its own island of skills and tooling, with its own unique ecosystem.

What’s needed is not just a way to integrate these technologies, but to use them in a cohesive way that weaves together paradigms and creates union from chaos. And it all must be done by leaving data where it resides; fostering both aggregate and detailed views of the data; providing a query experience based on a fusion of search, semantic reasoning and machine learning; mapping relationships through observation, even when the links are not explicitly known; and using varied visualization techniques to understand the data, depending on the its detail level, structure and context.

Learn more about this webinar and/or register here.

Melody K. Smith

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