Experts in the field believe that automation is the best way to address the major challenges of records management today. Just how does automation look in the world of records management? Image & Data Manager brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Artificial Intelligence for Records Management.”

One way is through fingerprinting technology. Sample documents are provided to an application that represent the types of content in an organization. These are analyzed by the application to find common characteristics, which could include things like phrasing or formatting. These common characteristics are referred to as the document’s fingerprints and improve findability.

While rapid growth in Internet, digitization and compression have reduced the cost and time for content production, processing, storage and distribution, it has also introduced far greater challenges in monitoring and controlling media piracy. No technology is ever foolproof and digital fingerprinting is no exception. As fingerprinting algorithms become more mature to quickly detect copyright infringement, content pirates work overtime to find techniques to evade detection.

Melody K. Smith

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