When running a business, multi-tasking is an understatement. Managing the paperwork, documents, and data for an organization is very important but often falls lower on the to-do list. Content is valuable. More and more content is digital-based and protecting it while providing quick access is the challenge. Business Matters Magazine brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “The advantages of document management systems.”

Document management systems are one great example of technology that can make your life easier as a business. These are systems where you can store, track, and manage the documents you produce as a business. Storing and managing your documents electronically avoids the need for large filing cabinets and drawers stuffed full of old paperwork gathering dust in your office. It also makes the content findable.

Any successful DM strategy and system requires more than just new technology: it requires a foundation for digital strategy.

Melody K. Smith

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