Primal helps publishers prioritize content, ads, and product recommendations for individual users. They recently secured additional funding to build new applications, pursue strategic partners, sign licensing deals, and invest in sales and marketing. This interesting news came to us from Beta Kit in their article, “Primal Secures $2.3 Million to Develop Its Semantic AI.

Primal can analyze a word in the context of entire article, and recommend articles with the same meaning in real time, using artificial intelligence (AI).

“AI is not about replacing humans, but about making humans smarter, better, faster,” said Yvan Couture, president and CEO of Primal.

The company’s ability to understand interests so specifically means that publishing was an obvious and natural industry to invest in and apply their semantic technology. The plan is to expand in several ways, including an integration with an unspecified e-commerce platform, with the goal of helping smaller retailers compete with giants.

Melody K. Smith

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