Fighting Cyber Crime

Fighting Cyber Crime

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A recent report revealed an increase in the number of cyber crime incidents occurring in the past year. According to the report, analysts identified a 32% jump in unique cyber crime incidents. Tech Republic brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Why cybersecurity incidents are up 32% from last year.”

With the ongoing growth in technology, it is no surprise that the growth of cyber security issues are parallel, but their focus has shifted. Hackers are focused more and more on individuals vs. organizations. They are the victims of malware attacks 5 out of 6 times. Hackers have an increased interest in personal data such as account credentials. Data theft also makes up a large share of the total cyber security threatscape — 13% more than the 2017 average.

Stolen records include banking information, credit card numbers, medical files, and Social Security numbers. Most industries are not required to include detailed information — the number of records compromised and the type of information that may have been stolen — in their breach notifications. And most organizations don’t. The healthcare industry is required to report fully on all breaches of 500 individuals or more.

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