Australia is working against cyber fraud and organized digital crime. The Minister for Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity indicated that the government will continue to pursue new law-enforcement powers that would allow authorities access to encrypted digital data in the fight against terrorism, organised crime and online crime (such as cyber fraud and child exploitation.) This interesting topic came to from The Conversation in their article, “Revisiting metadata retention in light of the government’s push for new powers.”

They have had their own challenges with metadata capturing, storage and security over the past few years, on a massive scale. The need to continually remind people that metadata does not actually contain content hasn’t lessened.

There were other concerns raised at the passage of the “metadata” legislation. The potential to erode the very democratic freedoms that governments are duty bound to protect, such as freedom of political association, was one. It is sounding a little too familiar to those of us in the United States right now.

Melody K. Smith

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