File cabinets are becoming a thing of the past as paper documents are being replaced by scanned documents and digital records. This is a good thing, right? Maybe. This interesting topic came to us from Smart Business in their article, “Declutter and organize your information with a content management solution.”

The problem is the information isn’t organized. It might sit on a shared network drive where security is poor, and data can be easily lost, removed or overridden. Beyond that, there is limited options to search and analytics are useless with information that is moved and lost.

Document management has always been specific to papers or files, digital or otherwise. However, technology providers are moving toward content management solutions for their data. It manages information regardless of the document or item. Document storage and life cycle can be difficult to manage. When documents are transactional — move from person to person or must be reviewed — that’s where content management, which adds structure and forces everyone to act in a certain manner, can be beneficial.

Melody K. Smith

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