The Japanese Defense Ministry is planning to use artificial intelligence (AI) for the management of public records. This comes on the heels of the mishandling of daily Self-Defense Forces activity logs. The interesting information came to us from The Japan Times in their article, “Japan’s defense officials to use AI for record management.”

Currently, the ministry has some 60 to 70 systems to deal with administrative documents with multiple servers storing data. To find a document, each system needs to be searched. This makes it possible to fail to locate the data in response to freedom of information requests.

Under the new project, AI algorithms will be used to learn the content of public records and ensure that every related document is found after the ministry receives information disclosure requests.

The project is just beginning and the ministry aims to launch the AI-based system in fiscal 2021. It will be Japan’s first national agency to adopt AI-based records management. To prepare for the introduction of the system, the ministry from fiscal 2019 plans to integrate some servers and speed up work to computerize records kept only in paper form.

Melody K. Smith

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