The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we interact with things, i.e. objects, appliances, etc. As a result, there is massive amounts of data being produced and that will impact the way big data is handled. DATAVERSITY brought this news to us in their article, “How Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact Big Data?

More devices and objects are now linked to the internet, transmitting the data they gather back for the purpose of analysis. The challenge and the goal is to utilize this data to learn more about trends and patterns that can be a resource in making a positive impact on our lifestyles, energy conservation, transportation, and the health of the population.

Big data analytics tools have the capacity to handle large volumes of data generated from IoT devices that create a continuous stream of information. However, in order to differentiate between them, IoT provides data from which big data analytics must extract information to generate insights required.

It feels like a chicken and egg kind of situation, but with an increase in the number of connected devices, organizations will have more opportunities to utilize these devices to collect relevant, useful data that can enhance their business processes.

Melody K. Smith

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