Necessity is the mother of invention. Well, maybe. This interesting topic came to us from Analytics India in their article, “Rugged Information Architecture Is Key To AI Growth In Enterprises.”

Regardless of the incentive, every invention has taken time to perfect itself. The first telephone wasn’t perfect, neither were the automobile or x-ray machine. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a good example of this. Even though AI concepts were conceived in the late 1950s, it has ebbed and flowed in praise and progress over the last seven decades.

AI applications have been used in a wide range of fields, but often the applications are not perceived as AI because once something becomes useful enough and common enough it’s often not labeled AI anymore. AI, like electricity or the steam engine, is a general purpose technology. To allow comparison with human performance, AI can be evaluated on constrained and well-defined problems.

Melody K. Smith

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