If you have been a reader of TaxoDiary for any amount of time, you know that I like finding odd and unique taxonomies. I find it comforting to know that taxonomies exist in all parts of our lives, not just information science or biology. NPR brought this heartwarming taxonomy to us in their article, “Tag Yourself (I’m A Maggie): A ‘Tea With The Dames’ Taxonomy.”

In the vein of a social media meme that fits you into a particular television character or candy bar based on your answers to particular questions, this taxonomy exercise helps you discover which dame from the film called Tea With the Dames, best fits you. Are you a Maggie, and Eileen, and Judi, or Joan?

Fully entertaining and barely science, the information gathered was fed into a database and personality characteristics were categorized. If you are interested, this wanna-be Judi is actually an Eileen.

Melody K. Smith

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