The fear of a data breach weighs heavy on the minds of many organizational leaders. In fact, a recent study revealed that close to half of all enterprise brands believe they have a probable or greater risk of a website data breach. This important information was brought to our attention by The Drum in their article, “46% of enterprise brands fear website data breach.”

Given the frequent headlines concerning high-profile businesses which have fallen victim to hackers, many worry that they will fall to a similar fate. Perhaps more concerning is that 67% of respondents freely conceded that they had implemented no marketing security for their website.

Further findings from the survey found that 41% had already fallen victim to a marketing security incident while concerns were raised that 13% of brands in the study would review the security of their customer data just once every six months.

This risk-taking approaching is of concern to many. Especially when you consider that only 30% of those surveyed believed themselves to be fully prepared for any future breach.

Melody K. Smith

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