Object or object-based storage is a pervasive computer data storage architecture. It is commonly used to manage large amounts of unstructured data. This interesting topic came to us from Computing in their article, “Explosion’ in unstructured data is arousing interest and investment in object storage.”

Each object includes the data, metadata and a unique identifier. Despite the widespread use of object-based storage, awareness of the enterprise has remained relatively low. However, interest is growing. This is in part due to the explosive growth in unstructured data. Like a snowball, this has also created new investments in hybrid cloud storage capabilities, particularly in industries like media, finance and life sciences. The rising interest from enterprise developers and DevOps team members is due to the demand for agile and programmable infrastructures that can be used in the public cloud.

Early object storage is not new. It began around the turn of the millenium, with the second phase in the late 2000s shifting the focus to cloud uses.

Melody K. Smith

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