Machine learning matching is being applied to proprietary data, customer contributed data, and seed data from public sources to hone and consolidate data sets. Comparing people with acquired skills and the identification of skills gaps are difficult to understand in a meaningful way, but Workday People Analytics are utilizing an ontology to identify skills. This interesting topic came to us from Diginomica in their article, “The rise of the prediction machines and a skills ontology – Workday Rising 2018.

Going beyond the ontology creation, Workday is working towards standardization on the descriptions that express skill sets and so make the business of job opportunity management easier. It is then one short step to assuming that as people consume learning, that their skills profile will be automatically updated to reflect current skill sets.

An ontology defines a common vocabulary for researchers who need to share information in a domain. It includes machine-interpretable definitions of basic concepts in the domain and relations among them.

Melody K. Smith

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