You know how much I like finding odd and unique taxonomies. I find it comforting to know that taxonomies exist in all parts of our lives, not just information science or biology. So imagine my glee when I discovered “Design Research: A Thanksgiving Taxonomy“, brought to us by Dennis Cheatham.

This taxonomy is based on Terrence Love’s Meta-Theoretical Structure for Design Theory and it categorizes different approaches and challenges to design with some “tongue-in-cheek” humor.

Maybe you don’t do a traditional Thanksgiving. Maybe your interest would be more in the ethnic food arena. How about this Taxonomy of Mexican Food? This colorful infographic can aid in your next carry out order or family dinner plan.

Speaking of family? If you are gathering together with your extended family to celebrate this week, you might this “Tippler’s Taxonomy: A Guide To Cocktail Categories” to be of assistance. Just sayin’.

Melody K. Smith

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