The problems of ransomware are way too familiar. This malicious software seeks to encrypt user data and demand a ransom in return for the decryption key. Defensive measures are being developed to work against the crypto-malware. This interesting topic came to us from The State of Security blog, in their post, “Unearthing Ransomware Characteristics Using Classification Taxonomy.”

The average victim of ransomware are your every day computer users. In the past, ransomware developers and operators have gone for the low-hanging fruit – victims who fall for common phishing scams, expose poor passwords, neglect security updates, etc. Now, professionals believe that ransomware is targeting larger, more prized victims.

Trying to identify corrective measures for victims leave many with questions? Not every ransomware is the same. Some can be broken due to their poor cryptosystems. But which ones? Classification system to the rescue.

By identifying categories, traits, and weaknesses, a taxonomy of sorts was used to choose the best defense.

Melody K. Smith

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