Ontologies are systematic descriptions of knowledge that allow for integration and analysis of lots of data. In other words, big data. This interesting topic came to us from KTVZ from Oregon in their article, “OSU: Big data helping improve diagnoses, treatment.”

When it comes to medical data, patients are now being more precisely diagnosed and treated, thanks to an Oregon State University researcher’s work in translational data science that is using ontologies.

Precision medicine is one of the challenges translational data science is taking on. Translational research applies findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. In a medical research context, it aims to translate findings in fundamental research into medical practice and meaningful health outcomes.

An ontology based on deep science around cognitive thinking for medicine is of paramount importance. The end point of translational research is the production of promising new treatments that can be used with practical applications. They can then be used clinically or be commercialized.

Melody K. Smith

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