Data and the insights that come with it are a hot topic these days, especially in the world of publishing. This interesting topic came to us from Ad Exchanger in their article, “A Rich Taxonomy Is Key To Publisher Insights.”

However, often overlooked in this discussion are taxonomies and the insight that they can provide. Taxonomies initially served as a site navigation tool for editorial teams to classify and place content, while search engines used taxonomies as a discovery mechanism to help improve findability.

Now publisher’s taxonomy is quickly becoming what separates businesses from good and great. For publishers, the depth of their data and insights depends on the depth of their taxonomy.

Deep taxonomies enable publishers to offer more robust and precise targeting for advertisers, provide deeper insights about users and inform editorial strategies.

Investing in a robust taxonomy isn’t the right strategy for every publisher. It can be costly in terms of people, time and technology. It is important to choose the right professional to help you build your customized taxonomy.

Choose one that has extensive experience and is able to help generate ANSI/ISO/W3C-compliant taxonomies. Access Innovations are one of a very small number of companies that meets those requirements.

Melody K. Smith

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