Manual tagging and cataloging of assets can be a time consuming and expensive activity, with the results not always being useful. However, audio-visual content can be transformed into dynamic assets using metadata enriched with a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and manual processes. TV brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Metadata Harvested With AI Creates New Revenue Opportunities.”

Beyond basic tags that allow for different variations of the same word or multiple tags for the same concept, automated AI technology offers more capabilities that can aid content discovery. AI metadata can also be used to discover specific areas where compliance issues have been a concern. Improvements in speech-to-text and image recognition algorithms are continuing to further automation of the metadata process, making it increasingly useful for both new and legacy content use cases.

While all AI-based functionalities currently require human review and quality control, one of the key characteristics of AI is its ability to learn and improve over time, as history has proven.

Melody K. Smith

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