Open Data Model has announced their development of a cloud-based metadata repository service that is a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, and that delivers results much faster. Computer World brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Open Data Model promises to accelerate metadata management.”

The company’s co-founder is entrepreneur Rodger Nixon reports that Open Data Model’s service had been designed to address the problem in large organizations of multiple legacy systems each storing the same data. Functions performed by Open Data Model are similar to those performed by a metadata repository, but delivered at much lower cost and with much more immediate results.

“Metadata repositories are very expensive, typically a million dollars, and their resource requirements are huge,” he said. “Our approach is to give you value almost instantly by providing a picture of the important things quickly so you get an immediate return on investment, which is a big difference from the older processes where you pretty much had to complete the whole thing, often years of work, before you got any value.”

Melody K. Smith

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