The future of machine learning is bright. More and more organizations are realizing the benefits that come with this emerging technology. This interesting information came to us from DATAVERSITY in their article, “Machine Learning Moves to the Hybrid Cloud.”

The term machine learning is often incorrectly interchanged with artificial intelligence (AI), but machine learning is actually a sub-field or type of AI. Machine learning is also often referred to as predictive analytics or predictive modelling.

A recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research looked at the market momentum of machine learning, why companies are moving in that direction, and the hurdles they are facing.

Based on the findings, 69 percent of 344 participants in the survey from across the world have three or more teams requesting machine learning projects, and 36 percent already have 10 or more researchers within machine learning teams.

The driving force for machine learning are the goals of the organizations. These range from fraud detection to automation to futuristic endeavors.

Melody K. Smith

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