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Digital healthcare may be getting a new player. Nest recently purchased Senosis Health, despite the assumptions that it was Google. This interesting news came to us from Engadget in their article, “Nest is secretly planning a move into digital health for elders.”

Of course, Nest is Google’s smart home brand that turns smartphones into health-tracking tools using their built-in sensors. Its products include HemaApp, which checks blood hemoglobin counts using a phone’s camera, and SpiroSmart, which uses the microphone to measure lung functions.

Though the companies have not come out with any announcements about their plans for the technology, the connection between electronic health technology and mobile health technology is important. No mobile medical or monitoring device will be meaningful without the capability to capture and exchange information with key systems.

From smartphones and tablets to apps, body sensors and telemedicine, these compact, portable tools do promise foundational shifts in healthcare quality.

Melody K. Smith

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