Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a reality in nearly every industry. With each passing year, more possibilities are realized for AI in businesses, homes and cities. This information came to us from Interesting Engineering in their article, “A Look at the Most Used Terminology Around Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a broad field encompassing much more than just computer science. AI includes also psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and other areas. These disciplines interconnect with each other in a variety of ways.

An AI system is able to combine and utilize machine learning and other big data analytic methods to resemble human reasoning and solve complex problems at a very high scale of intelligence and at a speed that goes beyond human capacity, or even imagination.

Machine learning is the process used by which a computer analyzes and extracts meaning and value from big data sets. Algorithms learn to identify certain patterns, like the occurrence of certain words, or combination of words.

These emerging technologies are part of the future that is coming to life before our eyes.

Melody K. Smith

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