Christmas is behind us and for those who do not appreciate hearing the carols that have been flowing through their radios since Thanksgiving, they are breathing a sigh of relief.

Now for the other side of the debate, many are mourning the loss of their anthems and are already planning decorations for Christmas of 2019.

When it comes to quality of Christmas music, the debate is much stronger. This interesting article is one example of the varied opinions. “A Taxonomy of Bad Christmas Music, was brought to us from GQ.

Given the public outcry for and against Baby, It’s Cold Outside, the debate shouldn’t be too surprising.

The article puts Christmas music in classifications based on content, musical style and well, preference. It is tongue in cheek, but also shows that without a true science-based taxonomy, many classifications are based on personal opinion.

As much fun as this is, for your valuable data, a standards-based, solidly indexed taxonomy will make your content findable. A taxonomy like the one professionals at Access Innovations can build.

Melody K. Smith

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