Today is Valentine’s Day. When I think of romance, I think of literature. If the word for a book-lover is a bibliophile, what is the word for word-lover? Epeolatry means the worship of words, and that is pretty darn close.  I do so love words. Tyler Morning Telegraph brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Is It Just Me? Great words keep life fun.”

I enjoy encountering new words in books and articles. After looking them up, I imagine places and scenarios where I will be able to put them to use. I don’t always remember them, but I figure I am at least adding some quality vocabulary to this 50+ year old brain. Anything to keep it sharp (or sharp-ish).

So on this day of hearts, cupids and love, exercise redamancy – the act of loving in return. Otherwise you might find yourself solivagant – a solitary wanderer.

Melody K. Smith

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