Data sharing and transparency across networks is important to equip IT teams against potential cyber security threats. However, ensuring that organizations develop a proper nerve center for the various tools to work together is also key. State Scoop brought this information to our attention in their article, “Tips to improve cybersecurity with a data-analytics nerve center.

As the complexity of IT networks has grown, the inventiveness and sophistication of cyber security threats and attacks has grown just as quickly. As malware attacks increase in volume and complexity, it’s becoming more difficult for traditional analytic tooling and infrastructure to keep up.

Data is getting stolen, but it’s also data that can be a help. Data analytics can combat cyber threats, if used the right way.

The use of big data analytics and machine learning enables a business to do a deep analysis of the information collected. This can give hints of a potential threat to the data integrity of the company.

Melody K. Smith

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