The Google Cloud has partnered with Flywheel on a new technology initiative that will use Google Cloud’s Application Programming Interface (API) with Flywheel’s platform to provide clinical researchers with advanced cloud technology for medical imaging research. Health Data Management brought this interesting information to us in their article, “Google Cloud expands role in supporting radiologists.”

The application draws on the accessibility and coordination capabilities of the cloud to help integrate the work of radiologists within the clinical process. The Google Cloud API will enable clinical researchers using its biomedical research platform to efficiently capture multi-modality images and data.

In addition, the partnership will enable Flywheel to incorporate Google Cloud’s BigQuery, a fully managed enterprise data warehouse for large-scale data analytics, and to enable scalable analysis of medical imaging metadata, biomarker data and tabular data, including genomics.

This is just one example of how technology is working to support healthcare, and specifically radiologists, with new applications.

Melody K. Smith

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