The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in industries, homes and personal lives is no longer new. Machine learning and AI in business strategies and the development of new technologies has lost that new car smell. This interesting news came to us from Read IT Quik in their article, “Artificial Intelligence Trends 2019: Enterprises to Invest Thrice as Much in AI.”

With 2018 in the rear view mirror, what do professionals in the industry propose 2019 will bring to the world of technology?

Automation is still the goal, even if it is a partial process. Many businesses have already put AI into practice to automate several constituent processes partially.

To make this automation happen will require talent in the form of human resources. AI systems need to be operated efficiently by experts that possess a thorough knowledge of the industry. This could mean that beyond (or in lieu of degrees) practical talent gets a higher priority when hiring resources in this field.

Melody K. Smith

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