All around us are machines with sensors connecting, collecting, and coordinating our lives. These internet of things (IoT) interact with people, homes, factories, offices, retailers, cities, farms, vehicles….the list goes on. Professionals predict that by 2020, IoT technology will be in 95 percent of electronics for new product designs. Everything from doorbells to coffee pots to wearable medical devices. DATAVERSITY brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Data Management and the Internet of Things.”

Like the song about love, this new technology will literally be all around us, promising better everything.

Where does compliance come in? Organizations need to be aware of and compliant with national rules and regulations on securing data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforced since May of 2018, potentially leverages substantial fines for non-compliance.

To understand the complexity, take the example of a refrigerator that notifies its owners that eggs and milk have expired. Posting that information onto the internet without the owner’s consent, even just to archive it, would breach regulations like the GDPR.

Melody K. Smith

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