Machine learning has changed the way we do many things. Recently, IBM has introduced machine learning to the diagnostics field in the hopes that one day the technology may assist in the creation of stable and effective diagnostic tests for early-onset Alzheimer’s. ZD Net brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “IBM takes on Alzheimer’s disease with machine learning.

The giant in the technology world believes that machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used and expanded to replace invasive and expensive tests for the disease, which is is currently incurable and can only be treated by palliative means.

Although there is no cure, developing ways to detect the disease in its earlier stages without the necessity of invasive tests would be a huge step forward. IBM’s research describes a way to harness machine learning to predict the concentration of amyloid-beta in spinal fluid based on algorithms which are able to identify sets of proteins in the blood. Research has shown changes in amyloid-beta appear long before memory loss occurs in Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Melody K. Smith

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