When it comes to business leaders, artificial intelligence (AI) is a two-edged sword. Digital Insurance brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Business leaders love AI — in theory.

A recent survey found that German and Russian entrepreneurs and executives appear to come out ahead of those from the U.S. and other advanced European economies when it comes to adopting AI technology. However, the interesting information is whether those who embraced it, really needed it.

The problem is when people say they are using AI in their business, they may not all mean the same thing or may be boasting because the technology is trendy.

AI has been all the rage in recent years, especially by politicians who don’t want their countries to fall behind in the technology race. Lets not forget the companies that want other companies to buy their technology and advice. It is expected that any survey taken now have skewed results until all the fuss has settled down with AI.

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