Much is changing in the eLearning world. New possibilities are being created from using big data that could prove useful if it results in meaningful change. Big data and associated learning analytics can help design more personalized courses, which should increase learner satisfaction and engagement. Inside BIG DATA brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, E-Learning and Your Big Data – Effective Analysis.”

Data and feedback from eLearning can be helpful and insightful, if analyzed properly. When harvested effectively, this information can result in many new possibilities for eLearning and managing your data effectively can streamline your instructional strategies.

Due to the nature of information, it will only increase in size over time and consequentially, the tools used must be scalable and flexible. A scalable data platform accommodates rapid changes in the growth of data, either in traffic or volume. These platforms utilize added hardware or software to increase output and storage of data. When a company has a scalable data platform, it also is prepared for the potential of growth in its data needs.

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