More and more data processing tools and next-generation technologies are being developed as various benefits are being realized. In the process, data analytics is also getting more popular. This interesting information came to our attention from Analytics Insight in their release, “Augmented Analytics to Recast Big Data to Smart Data for Improved Insights.”

To continue thriving in the industry, new data analytics innovations such as augmented analytics should be embraced and implemented. Augmented analytics is able to derive the insights from big data and push it towards smart data. The true value of data lies in its application to a business process or the way it is being applied in a business context.

The tool automates the data-centric insights and facilitates with the refined information. This filtration of data at most saturated level is not possible using traditional analytics tools.

The essential question in the continuously growing amount of data volumes is how to make practical use of these volumes. Without analytics, interpretation, and algorithms, it just isn’t possible.

Melody K. Smith

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