We are overflowing with data, but is it useful data? That is a question posed recently at IBM’s Think Gov Conference. In today’s information revolution, federal agencies collect and disseminate heaps of data by the hour, or maybe by the minute. Is it helpful? Nextgov brought this topic to us in their article, “Agencies Can Do Better by Collecting Data with Purpose.”

“In the last two years alone we’ve generated more data than throughout human existence,” Oki Mek, chief product officer for the Health and Human Services Department’s acquisitions division. “And you can’t understand your data without strong data taxonomy.”

We aren’t one to argue against a strong taxonomy. In fact, we highly recommend it to access your data in a useable and expedient way. In fact, it is way to build things that capture new and old data in a way that’s already integrated from the start.

Ensuring that data is findable across different sources is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise teams today. Without strong taxonomies and standardized methods to manage your data, a difficult situation can get worse. Choose the right product and professionals to provide taxonomy services and help you manage your content and make it findable.

Melody K. Smith

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