Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet, a.k.a. the cloud. This method offers faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. So it should be no surprise that more and more functions are being done in the clouds. As a result more careers are being impacted and even created by cloud computing. This interesting topic came to us from Information Management in their article, “The 5 cloud skillsets that will best serve tech workers in 2019.”

One of the biggest involves cloud security. In this day and age with data breaches and cyber attacks happening faster than they can be reported, cloud security is an important and shared responsibility between cloud providers and their customers. That creates a need for professionals with specialization in cloud security skills, including those who can leverage cloud security tools.

Another area that is growing at the same or greater pace is machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years cloud vendors have developed and expanded their set of tools and services that allow organizations to reap the benefits of machine learning and AI in the cloud. Organizations need people who can leverage these and other new capabilities of the cloud.

Melody K. Smith

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