Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated our culture, our vernacular and our science. Besides the entertainment factor, have we benefited as a society from AI? Lehigh University brought this news to us in their article, “Can artificial intelligence lead to a more humane society?

Society is increasingly moving toward a world in which humans and machines become integral parts of critical systems. The boundary between human work and machine work is becoming more blurry with each passing day.

With human intelligence and machine intelligence working side by side, AI has contributed to reaching a more humane society by being freed from repetitive physical work to focus on creative thinking and innovations. However, AI competing with human intelligence for work that is enjoyable to humans and enables many people to make a good living brings disdain to many.

There are technological and social trends that are unstoppable, evolution will continue. However, the responsibility is with humans to design and adopt systems that lead to a more humane society. I mean, they…err, we created AI, after all.

Melody K. Smith

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