High quality metadata can play an important role in improving enterprise search results. CMS Wire brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Using AI for Metadata Creation.”

This isn’t a new discovery, but convincing people to consistently apply quality metadata has been a challenge. One solution is to automate metadata’s creation, using rules-based content auto-classification products.

When it comes to metadata, artificial intelligence (AI) can be of help. However, the reality of AI is somewhat different than what’s depicted in movies.

AI tools consist of broad technology capabilities. The neural networks work like biological neurons to identify patterns and predict behaviors. Natural language processing (NLP) understands human patterns of language in text and speech in audio files. Deep learning sifts through variables to fit models to data for extraction of meaning, pattern recognition and comparison of complex concepts.

With all this power available, together AI and metadata can help improve findability for your content.

So can a solid taxonomy. How the content is classified impacts the findability of your data. Professionals should look for an experienced builder of solid standards-based taxonomies to associate content for appropriate machine-assisted indexing. Access Innovations has extensive experience in constructing taxonomies and can provide solutions that are ANSI compliant.

Melody K. Smith

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