Technology has enabled many things in our current reality few would have guessed. One of those are the ride sharing electric scooters that just seem to appear on the downtown corner, in a driveway or dumped in a park. Their sheer existence and the technology around renting one pushes the boundaries on social technology. Forbes brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Could Data Analytics Force Electric Scooters To Obey Traffic Laws?

So if technology can enable tracking the scooters, the routes and the riders – why can’t they enforce some safety? The speed and suddenness with which rentable electric scooters have taken over the streets, as well as the randomness of them strewn in the path of human and vehicular traffic is astounding.

The startup ecosystem has found their entire businesses to be contingent on the continued approval from individual cities all over the world. Shouldn’t we, as citizens, then demand traffic safety guidelines and the technology to enforce it?

Melody K. Smith

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