Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain have independently made an impact on organizations around globe. So what could these two exciting developments achieve when mixed together? Nature World News brought this information to us in their article, “Benefits of AI & Blockchain Technology Together.”

One of the most interesting things AI and blockchain technology are capable of impacting is cryptography. Blockchain has the decentralized ledger technology effectively acting as the new digital filing system for economy. But that is only just the beginning as applying machine learning techniques to blockchain can take modern cryptography to a new level.

Modern cryptography uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms and secret keys to encrypt and de-crypt data. Today, cryptography is used to provide secrecy and integrity to data, and both authentication and anonymity to our communications.

With these complicated machine learning algorithms, some are projecting that AI could be the future of privacy and working with encrypted data in a way that humans never could.

Melody K. Smith

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