It seems that concern around personal data security is on the nightly news and paper headlines on a daily basis. When it comes to government and citizen data, there is definitely risk involved – from how it is stored, transferred or used. Enterprise Innovation brought this topic to us in their article, “Wrestling with national challenges in intelligence.”

When it comes to using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) along with analytics, personal and private data could see improved security. Of course it is always important that there are strong data governance policies in place. As we live into a more connected and data-driven society, the need for good data governance has never been more apparent.

Trends are showing that AI and analytics are prevalent in today’s economy and they are responsible for driving the success of smart cities. In the public sector, AI and analytics also hold a significant role in helping governments respond quickly to changing conditions, thereby improving citizen service and providing more effective public safety and security.

Melody K. Smith

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