The Wimbledon Championship used more artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its 49th year than ever before. This interesting information came to us from IT Pro in their article, “AI and data analytics tech served up at Wimbledon.”

For the past 30 years, Wimbledon has partnered with IBM who has collected 62.8 million data points from the championships. IBM’s cloud platform runs in the background, capturing the data and spinning it into everything from player insights to fan based applications.

IBM’s infamous Watson might be the most valuable player, at least when it comes to analytics. The AI-powered service uses cameras and sensors to track the play and create an automated highlights reel. Each bit of action is monitored and ranked via its statistical importance within the match and even  how much of applause it receives from the crowd. At the end of each match, Watson then creates a highlights package within two minutes. AI is definitely the most efficient player.

Melody K. Smith

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