According to a recent survey, the majority of data specialists, analysts, scientist and data quality managers aren’t confident with the data at their disposal. ITProPortal brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Most enterprises don’t trust their data.”

Based on a poll of more than 700 data professionals, one of the main concerns that surfaced was not being able to combine speed with integrity. The ability to rapidly deliver intelligent and trusted data is crucial.

Ironically, the least confident are those employees that are the closest to the data. In most cases, management is optimistic about being compliant with data regulations.

Trust issues around data are emerging. Many companies are investing significant amounts in customer analytics to drive their business and seek new ways to offer value to their customers. However, much of the potential value of that investment is at risk because data governance practices have not kept pace with the ways in which data is being used. .

Melody K. Smith

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