Machine learning has become popular in recent years and is helping computers solve problems previously thought to be the sole responsibility of human intelligence. Machine learning has gotten us much closer to the ultimate goal of creating thinking machines. This interesting information came from PC Mag in their article, “What Is Machine Learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our future more powerfully than any other innovation this century. Traditional approaches to developing AI involve meticulously coding all the rules and knowledge that define behavior. This rule-based approach tries to mimic the human mind’s reasoning and knowledge representation functions.

Machine learning is a sub-field of AI. Its goal is to enable computers to learn on their own. A machine’s learning algorithm enables it to identify patterns in observed data, build models that explain the world, and predict things without having explicit pre-programmed rules and models.

In addition to learning from experience, true intelligence requires reasoning, common sense, and abstract thinking—areas in which machine learning models perform very poorly.

Melody K. Smith

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