Climate change is quite likely one of the most important and divisive issues of our time. Despite increasing global consensus about the urgency of reducing emissions since the 1980s, they continue to rise. This interesting topic came to us from Singularity Hub in their article, “Machine Learning vs. Climate Change: AI for the Greener Good.”

Many are looking to technology to deliver us from climate change. However, there will be some sacrifices.

Visions of the future involve vast arrays of solar panels, machines that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and replacing fossil fuels for transport and heating with electricity generated by renewable means. No big feats?

What about machine learning? It is being used for many other aspects of our society, how can artificial intelligence (AI) help in the fight against climate change?

Researchers are finding a vast array of options where AI can be of assistance. Machine learning algorithms can process huge amounts of data, from real-time weather conditions to information about pollution to video streams from areas near solar panels, and can rapidly convert these into predictions for the amount of power that will be generated. Machine learning algorithms can also be in charge of determining which power plants should operate at any given time, and which can be switched off.

Of course this is just a couple examples, there are plenty more as more technological options are explored.

Melody K. Smith

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