Deep learning is a term being used more and more these days. What exactly is deep learning and how does it work? How does it differ from machine learning? This information came to us from The Enterprisers Project in their article, “How to explain deep learning in plain English.”

Machine learning and deep learning are terms are often thrown around in ways that can make them seem like interchangeable buzzwords, hence why it’s important to understand the differences.

Machine learning is when algorithms parse data, learn from that data, and then apply what they’ve learned to make informed decisions. Deep learning is just a subset of machine learning. It is technically machine learning and functions in a similar way, but its capabilities are different.

Basic machine learning models become progressively better at their function, but they still need some guidance. If a machine learning algorithm returns an inaccurate prediction, then an engineer needs to step in and make adjustments. With a deep learning model, the algorithms can determine on their own if a prediction is accurate or not.

Melody K. Smith

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