A new partnership is bringing digital customer experience solutions together with machine learning technology. This interesting information came to us from KM World in their article, “Glassbox partners with Microsoft.”

By combining Azure’s cloud services and Glassbox’s customer experience solution, the companies are hoping to use Azure’s machine learning technology to enrich Glassbox insights. This is the goal, along with capabilities for next-best offers and other artificial intelligence (AI)-based insights.

Machine learning has the potential to take the customer touch point, track the activity in real time and predict the next best action based on user activity. Machine learning predicts user future needs based on the history which results in up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Machine learning can perform root-cause analysis of an issue. By mining data or looking into models to see what is most predictive the data can be used as a way to improve a product or process.

Melody K. Smith

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