If you are planning on attending the KM World Symposium this fall, you might want to consider staying on for the Complexity in Human Systems conference immediately following and co-located with the symposium.

This day-and-a-half symposium is a joint production of the Cynefin Centre for Organizational Complexity, Information Today, Inc. and Dysart & Jones Associates. They are bringing together some of the leading academics, thinkers, and practitioners in the field of complexity to discuss a range of topics. Some of those include:

  • How can government and industry more effectively navigate the multiple uncertainties of a hyper-connected world?
  • What insights does complexity science give to the development of doctrine and strategy?
  • What are the models of leadership appropriate for conditions of growing uncertainty?
  • What is the role of art in human intelligence?
  • And so many more.

In keeping with the theme, this unique event will not be organized around traditional keynotes, but instead on multiple structured interactions between experts and attendees to allow new insights and understanding to emerge.

Click here to learn more and to register.

Melody K. Smith

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