Artificial intelligence (AI) is being utilized in many applications for both business and homes. When it comes to forecasting weather, meteorologists are using a number of models and data sources to track shapes and movements of clouds that could indicate severe storms.¬†Science Daily brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Using artificial intelligence to better predict severe weather.”

However, with increasingly expanding weather data sets and a real-time pressure, it is nearly impossible for meterologists to monitor all storm formations simultaneously.

A team of researchers at Penn State, AccuWeather and the University of Almeria in Spain have developed a computer model that can help forecasters recognize potential severe storms more quickly and accurately. They have developed a framework based on machine learning linear classifiers, which is a form of AI.

Using computer vision and machine learning techniques, the researchers taught computers to automatically recognize and detect comma-shaped clouds in satellite images. The computers can then assist experts by pointing out in real time where could they focus their attention.

Melody K. Smith

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