The cyber threat landscape changes daily with antivirus software and firewalls being considered tools of antiquity. Organizations are looking for more technologically advanced means of protecting classified and sensitive information. This interesting topic came to us from Eurasia Review in their article, “Cyber Security In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – OpEd.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is front and center with solutions. AI has not only become popular in the military domain, but security companies are also incorporating AI technologies utilizing deep learning to find out the similarities and differences within a data set.

Only three countries are reported to be working on developing serious military AI technologies. Russia, China and of course, the United States. With every emerging technology, comes a new threat. Cyber threats to AI-based systems cannot be over looked.

AI solutions are still in the experimentation phase. In the future, AI will require some kind of high tech monitoring to ensure that it performs the constructive tasks it is meant to perform and not become a tool of destruction.

Melody K. Smith

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