Most storage systems use metadata. For file-based storage systems, the file name, date of creation, modification date and user ID associated with the file are considered metadata. This is used to help users locate files and have an understanding of when files were created and updated. It is all about findability. Tech Target brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “What’s the role of metadata in unstructured data management?

As helpful as metadata is, object storage systems takes it to a new level, improving unstructured data management. Object storage systems are flat entities in which anywhere from tens to tens of millions of objects might exist. These objects can be anything from images to Internet of Things (IoT) device event logs to all the unstructured data that exists in your organization.

Metadata is being used to improve storage virtualization, services, governance policy enforcement and end-user analytical efforts – to name a few.

Melody K. Smith

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